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For my project photos, I have shown "before" and "after" pictures of each project. Much thought was given to using the best (in my opinion) drought-tolerant, low-maintenance plants for each garden design. I tried to use plants that looked good year-round, so that there was as much interest in the winter as in the summer months. I try to avoid plants that need a lot of fertilizer, pruning, spraying, fussing, or don’t look good for part of the year. Each landscape design is unique and created specifically for a certain location and client. The final outcome is a joint collaboration between me and the client.

- Linda Bresler, Landscape Designer
Certified Landscape Designer and C-27 Landscape Contractor, license #1036475

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Grand Prize Winner, 2012 Garden of the Year, San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles magazine
This Poway garden is a good example of how to replace a lawn with low-water-use, low-maintenance plants that look good year-round. The garden is filled with colorful succulents, as well as other drought tolerant plants that bloom most of the year.

Rancho Bernardo Garden 1
A complete transformation of the the property. Waterwise, low maintenance plants provide beauty and interest year-round.

Del Cerro Garden

This home's landscape was transformed from boring icepant to a collection of succulents and shrubs offering year round colors and textures.

Sabre Springs Garden
Originally, the front yard of this San Diego home consisted of dying grass with a drainage problem. A berm was created with drought tolerant Australian and native plants on one side, and a dry stream bed lined with colorful succulents on the other side of the berm. Plants now bloom year-round in the new landscape, giving its owners pleasure every day of the year. This tract home’s linear front entrance was transformed using curves with a small patio, and succulents lining the walkway.

Sabre Springs Garden - Photo 1 of 5
Sabre Springs Garden - Photo 2 of 5
Sabre Springs Garden - Photo 3 of 5
Sabre Springs Garden - Photo 4 of 5
Sabre Springs Garden - Photo 5 of 5

Rancho Bernardo Garden 2
The front yard of this garden in Rancho Bernardo was originally covered with gravel and looked very uninviting and sterile. Existing cacti were reused in a pleasing design with colorful succulents and Southwestern native plants. A lush landscape was created using all waterwise plants.

Rancho Bernardo Garden 2 - Photo 1 of 4
Rancho Bernardo Garden 2 - Photo 2 of 4
Rancho Bernardo Garden 2 - Photo 3 of 4
Rancho Bernardo Garden 2 - Photo 4 of 4

Rancho Bernardo Garden 3
The back yard of this Rancho Bernardo home consisted of gravel. The owner wanted an English cottage-style garden look, which was created using drought tolerant plants that bloomed much of the year.

Rancho Bernardo Garden 3 - Photo 1 of 2
Rancho Bernardo Garden 3 - Photo 2 of 2

Rancho Bernardo Garden 4
The owner filled in the pool in the back yard to create a formal garden with tree roses.

Rancho Bernardo Garden 4 - Photo 1 of 2
Rancho Bernardo Garden 4 - Photo 1 of 2

La Mesa Garden
This La Mesa garden originally consisted of weeds and some dead grass. The owners wanted a year round beautiful garden along with a vegetable garden. They also wanted to lower their water use and have low maintenance plants. The newly raised-bed vegetable garden has a path leading to it through plants with colorful flowers and foliage.

La Mesa Garden - Photo 1 of 2
La Mesa Garden - Photo 2 of 2

Poway Garden 1
The owners of this north San Diego County home wanted to replace their roses and high-water-use plants with low maintenance plants that looked good all year and used little water. Colorful succulents fill the circles, and low-water-use, flowering plants line the outside of the walkway.

Poway  Garden 1 - Photo 1 of 3
Poway  Garden 1 - Photo 2 of 3
Poway  Garden 1 - Photo 3 of 3

Santa Luz Garden
This small, colorful succulent garden in Santa Luz shows how even a small space under a tree can be made bright and interesting.

Santa Luz Garden - Photo 1 of 3
Santa Luz Garden - Photo 2 of 3
Santa Luz Garden - Photo 3 of 3

Poway Garden 2
The owner wanted more color and curb appeal. This was achieved by using colorful succulents and other interesting drought tolerant plants.

Poway Garden 3
A transformation from ordinary lawn and lantana to a more water efficient, colorful landscape that looks beautiful year round.

North Pacific Beach
This weed-covered lot was transformed into a colorful landscape that looks beautiful year round.

Oceanside Garden - Winner of 2015 CA-friendly Landscape Contest

Poway Garden 4
The homeowner gradually removed most of the lawn on his property, replacing it with dry streambeds and colorful succulents, lowering his water bills and eliminating the need for a gardener's weekly services.

Poway Garden 5
The dated landscape was replaced with drought tolerant plants that look great year-round.

Poway Garden Slope
This slope was transformed from barren brown dirt to a colorful collection of drought tolerant plants of different shapes, sizes, and textures. They provide year round interest in all weather.

Poway Backyard Garden
When I first saw this back yard, it was a flat, brown expanse of dirt. I created low mounds, curving pathways, and year-round color and interest so that the garden looks good every day from both the first floor and second floor windows. All of the plants are drought tolerant, low maintenance, and provide continual color and interest.

Rancho Bernardo - Front Garden
This front yard was transformed from having no visual interest and a mininimal walkway, to having an inviting, wider, curving walkway with pavers, along with low water, colorful plants. The Olive tree was kept, but otherwise there was nothing exciting or beautiful to enhance the home.

Rancho Bernardo - Back Garden 1
The grass was removed from around a pool in the backyard to create a more colorful and drought tolerant landscape year round.

Rancho Bernardo - Back Garden 2
This back yard of dead grass and severely pruned trees and shrubs was transformed into a series of low-water rooms that flow into each other and create a beautiful new vista for the homeowners.

Rancho Bernardo - Front Garden
This boring, out-dated front yard was transformed into an exciting, colorful landscape using all drought tolerant shrubs and succulents that require little maintenance and no fertilizer.

Escondido - Front Garden
This garden was transformed from an expanse of flat brown dirt into a slightly mounded, colorful landscape with dry stream beds, and drought tolerant plants providing color and interest year round

Santee Garden
This front yard was transformed from a high water-use lawn to a colorful, interesting display of succulents with meandering pathways and informal seating areas.